Nothing happened
until I met a man called the Doctor.

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Awake || RosexSmith


Movement was… impossible. Thinking - yes, completely plausible. Clearly, he was doing it now. But movement? Smith was experiencing a weird numbness through his entire body. His brain itched, but he couldn’t raise his hand to attempt and scratch at the annoyance, and instead of feeling like an internal problem the itch felt like it was almost an outside extremity. His eyes screamed at him to open, but his body wasn’t opening them. There was a faint beeping noise that he believed was coming from his left - or… was it his right? he could hardly tell if he was right-side-up or up-side-down. His breathing wasn’t being done by him - no. He wasn’t doing that. Who - or… what - was doing his breathing for him?

Darkness. An odd, purple darkness. Smith couldn’t see it… no, Smith didn’t see anything. It just simply existed. He was on the inside of the inside of his brain. He felt dream-like, almost as if he was an idea floating in a void of nothing.

Footsteps. Voices. A shriek. Rose. His Rose - his beautiful Rose. No, he needed her. He called for her, screamed for her but nothing happened. He reached for her to hold her, he wanted to caress her and tell her he was sorry. He was so sorry that he didn’t get help. He was ashamed that he let his illness get the best of him.

It was an infection of some sort, he didn’t quite understand what the doctor was telling him. He was told to stay overnight at the hospital. After falling asleep Smith didn’t remember waking up.

Rose. Was she holding his hand? He thought so. He couldn’t be sure. "Rose," he said. He wanted to say. He couldn’t say. How could he treat her so cruelly - abuse her in every way imaginable, use her for her body, assign her the ultimate gender role of being the woman of the house. "Rose," he tried again but… nothing.

I need to wake up, I need to get up. Get up, GET UP, he was screaming at himself inside of his own head. He wanted to cry, to scream but there was simply nothing. No tears, no vocalizations, no holding the only woman he could ever even dream of loving. No holding the only woman who was ever even capable of loving her.

"Rose," he tried again, again failing. He mentally sighed, retreating into the purple abyss.

Rose had let out a shriek when she stepped into the hospital room. She didn’t mean for it come out but seeing John..her John so helpless had scared her. She took a shaky breath as she went over to his bed and stroked his hand. She didn’t even know an infection could end up this bad and for now there was nothing they could do, just hope his body would fight ti and he would eventually wake up.

”John..” She whispered with her eyes filling with tears. She wasn’t even sure if he’d be able to hear her. ”Come back to me..please. I need you.” She reached up and ran a hand through his hair gently. She hated seeing the machine next to him helping him breathe. He looked so weak which was the complete opposite of what he was really like.

”I love you John. I wish you could wake up..” Her voice cracked at the last word and she quietly began to cry as she watched him with blurred vision from her tears.

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Song: Never Grow Up
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You see my character at the cemetery, placing flowers on an unmarked grave. What do you do?
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My character’s reaction to yours crawling into bed with them.

The beginnings of a smile warmed the Doctor’s tired face as Rose settled in next to him. “Are you okay?”

” ‘m fine. Just sleepy..” She snuggled closer to him. ‘Are you okay?”

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”Do you want me to leave you alone for a while then?”



"Dunno. Sorry."

”Tell me what’s wrong..”



”What is it then?”


"Long day. Week. Year. Decade. Take your pick."

”Do you want me to leave you alone for a while then?”